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Top 3 Strategies to Sell Without ‘Selling’

While there’s no secret to selling, here are some insights that should result in more money and allow you to sell with elegance and integrity and enjoy the process.

The State of Entrepreneurship for Women in Business

Let’s explore why women are a force to be reckoned with and what is working now for entrepreneurs to achieve the greatest success during the new decade that is long overdue for many women who run businesses.

How Women Entrepreneurs Shatter the Glass Ceiling

It seems that everywhere you turn, from Silicon Valley to afternoon talk shows, women are sharing their stories of shattering the proverbial glass ceiling.  How?  Read more …

Kelly Fidel Redefines Entrepreneurship For Women

Featured on Influencers Radio, Kelly Fidel discusses how women entrepreneurs can use their intrinsic skills and strengths to break through perceived barriers and achieve true success