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What is Powerhouse CEO® Mentoring?

Where Women Entrepreneurs Re-Write the Rules and Call Their Own Shots, On Their Own Terms while making a Difference in the World.

Our Powerhouse Mentoring is exclusive business coaching for Thought-leaders. Experts. Coaches. Consultants. Service Professionals. Online businesses & CEO’s ready to breakthrough the time & income ceiling so you can grow & scale with total freedom.

The Powerhouse CEO® is your path to transformation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building a stable six-figure business or you’re ready for a million-dollar scaleable company.

If you want to take your business beyond where it is today… without spending countless hours jamming your calendar getting 1:on:1 clients – sorting through more dead-end digital programs, The Powerhouse CEO® might be exactly what you need.



For service-based businesses who are ready for a powerful client acquisition system to get high paying clients with OR without sales calls.  The Powerhouse Business Accelerator™ uses our proprietary strategies & leveraged selling system to automate and free your time, with a high touch experience and adds six figures (or more) to a business right now.

We focus on Strategy with the right business model, Sales for high paying clients, Systems to free up your time and automate as needed, Small Events (live or virtual) to fill a years worth of your programs or services in a weekend and Scale with the right coaching and adding team if 100% outsourced in the beginning.



The Powerhouse CEO® is premium business mentoring for established businesses wanting to scale. If you’re looking for a high-touch service to help you hit $100k months, then this is the program for you.

The Powerhouse CEO® is exclusively designed for entrepreneurs with an already established business making at least 6 figures (multi 6 figures) and the desire to change your business in the shortest amount of time to a simple 7 figure model with strategies, sales & systems that get results. To find out more about this program,  apply for your invitation to access our private training to learn more.

Learn exactly how to create simplified growth, with the exact steps on the Powerhouse CEO® Continuum that virtually guarantees your success.

Kelly Fidel’s programs and live access will help you develop your skills and learn faster than your competition – even when your competition is just the clock! Kelly is already a proven expert when it comes to growing and scaling companies. This competitive advantage is how Kelly stays at the top of her game – and keeps you at the top of yours.

Access to our proprietary and proven strategies is what sets apart our superior results-driven programs allowing you to have more time, more freedom and more profits. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, you are in the right place!


A proven formula to scale to 7 figures and BEYOND

By leveraging The Powerhouse Scale System™ and creating your Million Dollar Assets, we’ll reveal your Custom PowerTrack to millions so you can take the RIGHT action that gets clients, like clockwork and scale with total freedom.


Create your custom model and million dollar assets that drive your premium pricing and the transformation you provide.  Your offer suite attracts dream clients at any price, we’ll help you create the right model & strategy for you.



Discover our leveraged selling system and that turns your expertise into millions. Choose your PowerTrack to create a scalable sales system & becomes the feeder system to everything else without being a 24/7 workhorse.


You need a leveraged selling system that automates your sales process into revenue anytime.  Your marketing & sales angles will turn promotions into repeatable high end clients with total freedom.



Not all businesses are the same or get the same results.  Your goals are custom to you, and the outcome you create for clients.  Scalable success requires a custom plan with a Powerhouse CEO mindset to grow without stalling out.


The Cold Hard Truth.  You’ve ALWAYS deserved your seat at the table.  And through time, circumstances and conditioning … things changed.  That stops TODAY.    It’s no longer enough to just “be an entrepreneur”
You DESERVE More.  You’ve EARNED Better!

The Powerhouse CEO is the world leader in scaling businesses.  When you become a member of PCEO, you’ll be working directly with Kelly Fidel, she has built, scaled, and sold her own companies to 7 and 8 figures. Plus, you’ll have our Powerhouse Team to support you along the way.

You’ll access proven strategies that work in the real world and acquire valuable insights that promote growth from a powerful community of business owners just like you.