We Are On A Relentless Mission

We have only ONE Goal, to help woman business owners breakthrough barriers, and build a fearless, profitable business with total freedom.

Our customers have made our business what it is, they are the ones we have a relationship with, and they are the ones we have an obligation to. We consider them to be loyal to us – and we are loyal to our clients.

Our world-class programs and online education courses, have helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs connected through 72+ countries to build fearless 6 figure, 7 figure and 8 figure empires.

Everything we offer is designed to help you create a business and life you love.

Our Greater Purpose – Mission

Our greater purpose is to have a measurable and positive impact on the global economy & wealth creation through entrepreneurship.

We do this by providing an alternative education & success system that changes the way entrepreneurs learn, grow & scale so they make their greatest impact & contribution in the world.

We believe the best marketing strategy we have is helping our customers get results and change their lives for the better. The more people we help, the more others will learn about us, trust us, and do business with us.  This is good for business and for our clients.

We are relentless in our goals and those of our clients, community, and those we partner with.  Values matter as much as results.  

Why We Do It

With 32.5 million small businesses across the nation, More than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales.

Yet ONLY 2% reach the Million Dollar Mark!  That needs to change.

We help you get clear on what’s important, then grow and scale your business to achieve goals that create stunning success for you and your family’s lives – with the right leveraged selling strategies and smart marketing to develop a powerful, sustainable plan to ensure success and provide support along the way.

Why Do Most Entrepreneurs Fail to Get Results?

Do You Feel Like…

  You and your team are at max capacity. Something must change so you can have a life – and you need the bankable roadmap to build your business from those who have already achieved success.

  You feel trapped with clients & offers that aren’t scalable.  You know selling is required for cash flow, but you don’t want to be on the phone all day closing clients.

  You are Tired of being blind sided and hitting an income ceiling, never making the kind of money (or impact) you are TRULY capable of.

You Are Ready To…

  Create a self-sustaining business, so you can take any amount of time off without the company slowing down because you know you have a solid business model, with systems and plan in place.

  You are ready to eliminate one-time sales and one-at-a-time prospect calls, to attract high paying clients (without booking your calendar and life away). 

  And, you want A SIMPLE system (even when outsourced) that you can implement immediately with a built in, highly productive team by your side. 

The Powerhouse CEO® is different

We believe integrity is at the heart of everything we do.  Our brand pulse is FEARLESS.  Values matter as much as results

We’ve built 10 of our own companies to 7 – 8 figures and we know first hand what it takes to not only survive but thrive.  We are the leading expert to help you build a business that allows you to impact more lives, and make more money, with total freedom.  

We do this through leading edge business model and sales strategy that gets results, combined with marketing, systems and team to scale with world class support that is the difference maker.

That’s why so many of our clients are achieving extraordinary success, and winning big.

But, here’s the cold, hard truth – we’re not for everyone. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t work with us.


Criteria to Work With Us…


You Are The Right Fit

You’re a thought leader, expert, high-achieving entrepreneur, or CEO (coach, consultant, service based business, attorney, accountant, therapist, etc) who is ready to create a business & life that leverages your time so you can focus on your impact and revenue with total freedom.


You Are Accountable

You’re coachable, consistent, and done with excuses. You take responsibility for your own hard work and the results created. When you have a step-by-step proven strategy, with world class support you take consistent action to create a life you love.


You Are Ready For Premium Clients

Your work or expertise solves a major life or business challenge (or you’re ready to figure it out).  And that value commands premium prices in the range of $3,000 – $15,000 or more for each client. You are done with clients and offers that aren’t scalable.  You know selling is required for cash flow, but you don’t want to be on the phone all day closing clients – you need the right system without sales calls or launches. If your expertise helps your clients solve a major issue or challenge in business or life, we can help.

Our Greatest Accomplishment is Celebrating Our Client’s Success.

Our clients have worked hard, followed the Powerhouse CEO® strategies, invested in themselves, and stayed focused to breakthrough barriers and achieve success. Every business is different, and so are their results.

We are very proud of them.
Kelly Fidel & The Powerhouse CEO® Team